Tesla became a gambling addict, lost all his tuition money, dropped out of school and suffered a nervous breakdown. – Source

Today’s Issue (#3)


Do you know why people say life is hard? It is because the way they wanted life to be or the way they planned out things to be is not the way it’s playing out. So they become frustrated.

Most people do not know that getting rich or making a fortune requires steps. All the rich people in world followed similar steps (not minding what each person is(was) doing to make it). Now I’m not talking about those who won the lottery or inherited wealth, obviously not.

All the rich people followed the pattern of :

  • They earn money from maybe their respective jobs or loans from a family member or elsewhere.
  • They then invested this money in an idea they had, and please real estate is also an idea.
  • And in turn fortune smiled upon them.

Now let’s get back to soccer betting, the main reason why you are losing so much fortune is simply GREED. Being greedy in betting rarely (about 10%) proves successful. But what happens to the remaining 90%.

When booking a bet you should avoid games where you feel they are ought to win the match. But suddenly they have been given high odds like 2.40. Those games are very risky.

That brings us to our next, Risky games avoid them. Any form of game you feel you can’t predict at least who wins avoid them.

Another thing don’t just play games without having a plan. You have make plans; plans like:

  • Make sure you research on your games before booking them. Researches like checking head-to-heads also Goal ratios. And all that, most betting sites provide such statistics.
  • You have to stop playing games with small capitals (stake) and expecting a Wholesome amount. It usually not achievable,it takes a dog to grow a horn for that to occur

Now to let me guide you through on how to make a fortune.(With examples)

This procedure is called the rollover technique. Most if not everyone has heard of this. But I will teach you a better to achieve better success.

Assuming you had $10 as your initial stake, I will tell you to double it. Reasons: When you double what you have already, you won’t use both stake amount ($10,$10) to book a bet. Rather you divide it into two. A $10 for one bet and the second $10 for the other bet.

Now the pattern is a “2 odds” pattern. You play 2-odd bet with the first $10 and another 2-odd bet withe the second $10. At the same time(remember the games would not be the same)

The diversity in the bets would set your mind at total peace, which opens up optimistism.Optimtimism is like your own made luck which you would need throughout the process. Once you have made your mind that you are not losing, dude you can’t loose shit.

Now rolling over that $10 for 10 days you will have $10k+ and that is just the beginning.

Next you take out some money from it and start over but this time use $100 (remember double it). Continue this and see fortune smiling at you.

Be safe don’t tell anyone about this 😎