You can now buy a Creme Egg-flavoured ‘vagina’ made from fudge for Easter

With Easter right around the corner, you might be getting a little fed up of seeing supermarket shelves overflowing with eggs and bunnies made out of chocolate.

If this sounds like you, then you might want to try something a little different, like say a Fudgeina.

What’s a Fudgeina, you ask? Good question.

It’s fudge moulded into the shape of a vagina and it comes in several different flavours – including Creme Egg.

You can buy all sorts of Creme Egg goodies these days, from battered Creme Eggs to Creme Egg mayonnaise (yes, really), but this is one sweet treat that is sure to grab

The Fudgeinas were launched in the UK last December by a man named Matthew Garbutt, who says he created them in order to spark countless “what the f***” moments across the country.

Speaking to LADbible, Matthew explained: “I started it because you could send almost everything else on the internet, why not vaginas? Or vulvas, if we’re being anatomically correct.

“Also receiving it in the mail is just a ‘what the f***’ moment, which is hilarious.”

As well as Creme Egg-flavour, you can also buy chocolate, strawberry and vanilla options, which cost £11.99 each.

All of the fudge is 100 percent vegan, so this is a gift that anyone can enjoy.

And, if the item wasn’t already suggestive enough, the company will even throw in a condom with your order, to “let your friend know what you expect them to do with it” – but let’s not dwell too much on that disturbing thought.

You can also have your Fudgeina sent anonymously, which is bound to cause no end of confusion for the recipient.

Fudeginas are only available to purchase online, with free delivery in the UK.

However those wanting to surprise pals outside of the country, can pay extra to ship the item abroad.

For more information visit

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