The 5 Mistakes You Are Making On Instagram

Your Instagram account looks terrible?Need some help to make your Instagram account really work for you? If you want to make your Instagram a hub for your community and part of your sales funnel, here are some common mistakes you could be making that are limiting your success on Instagram.


To stay front of mind, whether you are a brand or an influencer, you should be posting regular content. By posting on a consistent schedule, you will stay relevant and active amongst the community, and this will have a positive impact on anyone who comes across your account. Avoid posting sporadically and keep to a regular schedule, posting at peak times when you receive the most engagement on your content.


The most common mistake we see on Instagram is when accounts publish low-quality images. Low-quality imagery makes your account seem amateur rather than professional, and it doesn’t represent your brand correctly. Use high-quality images (most smartphones have a good enough camera now to use for social media content) and invest time, effort and money into creating unique content. A good image should be clear and crisp, captured in good lighting and have a theme.


Hashtags can be a fantastic way to gain exposure and increase your reach in the crowded space that is Instagram. If you don’t use hashtags you don’t give yourself a good chance of being discovered by like-minded users who are looking for and engaging with content about your industry. Not only do you miss out on growing your followers with hashtags, you also miss our on potential customers, so not using hashtags is a big mistake (especially with the new Instagram algorithm)!

When using hashtags, make sure they are relevant to your niche and ensure they aren’t flooded by irrelevant users. Small, specific hashtags might not see a high volume of usage, however, they are targeted and super relevant, so the leads you receive have more potential to convert. If you don’t want to overwhelm or take away from your witty caption, add your hashtags as a comment below the image to keep each post uncluttered.


Captions are just as important as the image itself, and although they are not seen first by Instagram users, they are crucial in providing context and information that cannot be conveyed through a photograph. Try to include a question or call-to-action in your Instagram caption to spur conversation and encourage comments and engagement. Avoid having long captions as this can turn people off and make them scroll past your image and never look back


The bio of your Instagram is the place where people instantly look to when determining what your page is about, what content you create and why they should start following you. They have obviously landed on your page for one reason or another, so make the most of your first impression with an Instagram bio that informs and excites. The Instagram bio is also the only place you can include a clickable URL to your website or another platform, so ensure you use the most effective URL.

So, what should you have in your Instagram bio? Your Instagram bio should include your name and/or your company name, relevant contact details (email preferably), your website/eCommerce store/portfolio and if you are a physical location, include your address so people can find you offline.

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